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Older SEO articles.

SEO! The beginning of an interesting year by Reg Charie
A look at the new changes in the Google algos.
Published: Thursday 01 March, 2012
The Changing World of SEO by Reg Charie
Things are changing in the calculation of PR as well as it's influence on SERPs. In the beginning PageRank was strongly tied to SERPs. As the students of SEO soon learned, SERPs could be influenced by links. .....
Published: Saturday 18 February, 2012
Cloaking Software - Is it to be trusted? by Reg Charie
Google states: Cloaking: Serving different content to users than to Googlebot. This is a violation of our webmaster guidelines. If the file that Googlebot sees is not identical to the file that a typical user sees, then you're in a high-risk category. A program such as md5sum or diff can compute a...
Published: Friday 11 November, 2011
A SEO Project Checklist by Reg Charie
The order you do the SEO process is most important as each factor has a place in the system. The system takes everything into consideration, at least as many factors as possible, given one's knowledge of Google's Algorithms. Hosting location. If you are going with a coun
Published: Tuesday 25 October, 2011
Long Tail Is Inevitable – Resistance Is Futile by Reg Charie
A recent LinkedIn group thread started: "I am frustrated with hacks offering what they call SEO. I just received another spam about what a great job this company did putting several clients on page one for long tail NO TRAFFIC key words. How do we fight this stuff?" The question should have been, ...
Published: Tuesday 12 July, 2011
Is a good idea? by Reg Charie
Is a good idea? If you are not familiar with the Schema concept, it is a method of HTML markup which is designed to tell the search engines more information than they can gather from the visual presentation.
Published: Saturday 11 June, 2011
Let the bounce rate determine "quality". by Reg Charie
Let the bounce rate determine "quality". It is the users that should be determining quality, not Google.
Published: Wednesday 01 June, 2011
Writing for the web. by Reg Charie
Writing for the web. Designing for display on a monitor is quite different than designing for print. Text on a monitor is interpreted differently than printed text. Large type is often seen as an image. That 36 point, red sales pitch may not be seen at all. Images present their own prob......
Published: Sunday 23 January, 2011
The history of a SEO linking test.   by Reg Charie
The history of a SEO linking test. The result of this test was to prove or disprove how linking affects search engine position results. (SERPs) Back in the middle of September I wrote an article titled "An incomplete history of Google SEO". In checking the results in October it seemed to have s...
Published: Thursday 20 January, 2011
Defining Relevance by Reg Charie
Defining Relevance. Steps needed to comply with Google's desire for relevant copy. After the last updates (Caffeine and Mayday), Google has all but abandoned off page factors as direct influences on search engine rankings. Things like the age of the site, it's author....
Published: Wednesday 06 October, 2010
Is Google fudging results on instant search? by Reg Charie
Is Google fudging results on instant search? What you see is NOT what you get. In order to test the new SEO algorithms (and get shorter tailed phrases higher in the SERPs), I have been making changes to my main page. After making a few changes in content in an effort to regain the #1 position in...
Published: Tuesday 28 September, 2010
Linking for the right reasons. by Reg Charie
With the Google update Mayday, the whole landscape of linking changed. Although Google stated that Mayday was for "higher quality sites to surface for long tail queries", it changed more than that as it affected the core concepts of PageRank.
Published: Sunday 26 September, 2010
A history of Google SEO | PageRank & Linking by Reg Charie
Page Rank - Linking - History of Google SEO
Published: Friday 17 September, 2010
Links count for little now. by Reg Charie
Give up your linking plans and programs designed to influence search positions. (SERPs) Google is not going to let you do it.
Published: Wednesday 08 September, 2010
Internet Marketing by Reg Charie
Methods of internet marketing including SEO, Linking and other avenues of promotion.
Published: Tuesday 07 September, 2010
The New SEO by Reg Charie
The new SEO - After Caffeine and Mayday. Not really new but worthy of discussion as some of the basic rules have been changed. SEO is broken down into two parts, PageRank and Indexing. PageRank is the appraised "value" of the webpage being viewed. Placed on an eleven point scale (0 to ...
Published: Thursday 19 August, 2010
The Caffeine update. by Reg Charie
The Caffeine update.
Published: Friday 13 August, 2010
How to Choose a SEO Company. by Reg Charie
How to Choose a SEO Company.
Published: Thursday 05 August, 2010
Stalking the Elusive Keyword Phrase by Reg Charie
When considering venturing online the first thing a business must do is to look at their keyword choices. Even if you are selling globally, you should concentrate on local search first. Rule #1 - Include some of your primary keywords in your domain name. This includes your location. People ...
Published: Thursday 05 August, 2010
2010 Client SEO report - PPP. by Reg Charie
Client: Pattie's Portable Potties Work commenced on June 9 and the site went live on June 23 with a link on my DotCom-Productions mainpage. The search results are as of June 24. Website was built in open source licensed content management system. ECommerce was not i...
Published: Thursday 24 June, 2010
Fighting ever increasing SEM costs. by Reg Charie
Increase Conversion from Search - Optimizing for the sale.
Published: Thursday 25 March, 2010
Submitting to Google. by Reg Charie
The logic of submitting or not submitting to Google.
Published: Thursday 25 March, 2010
Uncovering the Google Algorithm by Reg Charie
Uncovering the Google Algorithm
Published: Thursday 25 March, 2010
Google tightens up. by Reg Charie
It is year end SEO report time and analyzing a few thousand search terms definitely shows the refinements in Google's algorithms. Working from keyword phrase lists generated over the year shows Google tightening up its relevance and being less forgiving of spelling errors.
Published: Tuesday 01 December, 2009
Uncovering the Google Algorithm by Reg Charie
We talk about the Google ranking algo and talk about pieces of it here and there. Let us bring it out into the open and examine the ranking factors. I do not agree with the majority in the ranking of the elements below and would place on page keyword use in the primary importance category, as ...
Published: Saturday 26 September, 2009
The logic of submitting or not submitting to Google. by Reg Charie
There has been some discussion about whether a new site should be submitted using Google's manual submission routine. A good number feel that you should, but those of us in opposition are equally vocal in our conviction that it is not a good idea.
Published: Saturday 26 September, 2009
Increase Conversion from Search - Optimizing for the sale. by Reg Charie
Fighting ever increasing SEM costs. (Search Engine Marketing) Increasing conversions begins with an effective keyword strategy. Generally it is better to start with a 2 word key-phrase*. People are statistically shown to use more than one w --> More
Published: Friday 18 September, 2009
Eye Tracking - What does it tell you? by Reg Charie
Here are samplings of a site tracking it's visitor's actions. Notice that in all the screens that there is almost no call to actions used from below the fold. The left navigation menu is mostly used by visitors coming from a direct link and the link in the body text is the one that gets the most...
Published: Friday 18 September, 2009
Fundamentals of Building Links by Reg Charie
Links MUST reflect value. There’s no “best practices,” and no “right way” when building links, there’s only creativity, intelligence, and hard work. Links are primarily about sharing, and getting traffic, but they have also become a commodity due to Google's Page Rank. Now, when one discusses...
Published: Wednesday 16 September, 2009
HELP!! Google sandboxed me.. What do I do? by Reg Charie
An exercise in frustration. One of my associates recently designed a new site to promote a product and once it was listed, (in the mid 300’s), changes to the site were not updated. Welcome to Google’s much discussed and rightly feared “sandbox”...........
Published: Tuesday 15 September, 2009
The "H" is never silent. by Reg Charie
The "H" is never silent. When building your website there are times to use the tags, These are ..............
Published: Tuesday 15 September, 2009
Debunking listing "facts". by Reg Charie
On the site, How do I make a website, there is an article by another site that Ryan featured. How to get a top listing on Google Search Engine fast. This article was published on Jan 4th of this year, so it *should be listed in google by now. Let us see what happens when we search for "How ...
Published: Thursday 18 June, 2009
Meta tag construction. by Reg Charie
Like code to text ratio or keyword density, just forget all the "fancy" additions to the meta tags and get as basic as you can. KISS - Keep It Short and Simple Consider the following: There is nothing as relevant as your keywords. Meta tag construction is based on relevance, as done for my ....
Published: Tuesday 28 April, 2009
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