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Mentoring for SOHO Webmasters

A Vancouver Island Business Since 1996

Unlimited Access Mentoring

Unlimited One on One Mentoring Sessions in Skype.

Learning from our mentoring program means you will:

  • Get top SEO results by understanding how Google ranks results.
  • Find out what you don't know about users and effective UI, (User Interfaces).
  • Learn what works without hours of testing. We have done it all for you.
  • Get your site to market faster. Learn the most important factors.
  • Benefit from 20 years of online marketing.
  • Maximize your potential.
  • Understand the market.

3 month payment plan,

 $450 payable in 3
$150 monthly installments.

#1 for search engine optimization mentoring

As A mentor I have the following qualifications*:

  • 30 years of hands on computer experience.
  • 20 years of online website and marketing.
  • 18 years of SEO work.
  • Prior professional teaching & training experience. (Concordia University Montreal).
  • Self employed since 1990.
  • Wide range of experience from high output production, corporate management, sales and service, client management, and what it means to be self employed.

#3 For SEO Mentoring

Our mentoring program is heavily weighted in your favor.
We Trust You!

We offer unlimited access, which means students run up much more time in the first few weeks than they do in the remaining time.
We will work with you on clients' sites showing the best way to optimize and present the content to get the lowest bounce rates and the highest SERPs.



If you wish to discuss this
before you sign up,
I am in Skype.

Talk to me.